Resume for David Clifton
Embedded Software Developer

Knowledge and Skills

hardware environments

Microcontrollers: (ARM: 920T,PXA270,LPC23xx,SAM3u,STM32), MSP430, PIC1673, 68331, 8051, others.

DSPs: TMS320C5409, 5416, ADSP2100, ORELA

PCs: Windows, Linux, and MAC machines

Peripherals: accelerometer, temperature sensor, modem, cell modem, counter, timer, USB mass storage, IRDA, LCD controller, keyboard, realtime clock, DMA, HSMCI, (UARTS: SPI, I2C, McBSP), IEEE488 controller, AtoD, DAC, audio codec, stepper motor, various transducers.

software environments

Languages: C, C++, Assembler, Tcl, Python, Java-Script, Java, AWK

Operating Systems: Win32, WinCE, Epoc(Symbian), OS-X, RTX, Linux, Android, and a variety of custom kernels written by myself and others.

Development Environments: mbed, CodeComposerStudio, VisualStudio, Xcode, GCC-GDB, IAR-IDE, SlickEdit, Eclipse, MicroVision.

Database Environments: Progress database.

Networking: TCP/IP socket programming, embedded firmware for low speed multi-hop network, cell modem programming for TCP/IP access to data center, WiFi socket networking, RS485 token ring (BACnet).

Web Programming :Wrote transactions for a web-resident database application using HTML, JavaScript, and a back-end scripting language.

familiar techniques

Object oriented analysis, design and coding, Writing and using multitasking kernels and state machine arrays, writing structured language interpreters, Numerical analysis and digital signal processing, Handling events in real time, Use of emulators and logic analyzers, Network socket programming, Combined hardware/software debugging, Coding graphical user interfaces. Windows and web-based applications.


Seismic monitor and data logger, Networked electric energy meter, Wireless data acquisition, Wireless security systems, RF communication with medical implant, Oximeter, Corrections telemetry base station, Web-accessible database, Diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices, Audio and video signal processing, Structured language interpreter, Laser power meter, Aircraft navigation, flight planning, and maintenance, Multi-channel biofeedback, Small business accounting, Mainframe teleprocessing, Math assistant

project roles

Software developer, Software team leader, Software team mentor, V and V engineer, V and V consultant, Workshop facilitator

Employment Highlights

1998-Present(2015) Exopiped, Inc. Boulder, CO
President, Software Engineer, Bookeeper

Under contract to BI incorporated, wrote driver code for replacement cell modem for corrections base station

Used a Cortex-M3 board to implement a digital Theremin as an updated example for embedded programming book.

Under contract to Creation Technologies, developed embedded and PC software in support of product replacement for an oilfield seismic monitoring and data logging system.

Under contract to Continental Control Systems, developed test software supporting introduction of a BACnet energy meter product.

Under contract to Quest Product Development Corp, wrote a robotic controller and scheduler for a blood assay machine created for EliTech Group, a developer and worldwide distributor of in-vitro diagnostic devices.

Under contract to Alcohol Monitoring Systems Inc, wrote embedded data management, self-test, modem communication, call management, scheduling, and drivers for FLASH and EEPROM devices in a base station for an alcohol monitoring and home arrest system.

Under contract to Otologics Inc., enhanced firmware and communications software for inductively coupled peripherals supporting a fully implantable hearing aid.

Under contract to BI Incorporated, added a cell-modem capability to home arrest base station device.

Under contract to Kinetek Systems, developed firmware for a wireless data acquisition system for Bridge Diagnostics Inc.

Under contract to BI, Incorporated, enhanced firmware for a new corrections telemetry application.

Under contract to Inovonics Inc. Designed and developed user interface firmware for a portable, wireless security system.

Wrote a book on embedded software development, an open source embedded kernel in C, and two shareware programs for Windows and Pocket PC.

Developed a voice controlled audio synthesizer as an example for a book on embedded software development.

Under contract to Datex-Ohmeda, Louisville CO, mentored development team in object-oriented architecture and design. Designed and implemented embedded kernel in C for custom TI5416 DSP board running oximetry application.

Under contract to BI Incorporated, designed, developed, and led development of firmware for corrections telemetry base station.

Under contract to Battelle Memorial Institute, helped implement real time, embedded firmware for electro-surgical unit marketed by Valleylab.

1994-1998 Colorado Medtech, Inc. Boulder CO, Software Engineer

Designed and developed code for robotic test instruments for GenProbe Inc. and Abbot Laboratories. Advised U.S. and German corporations on FDA compliance issues related to firmware development for mecical products

Education & Honors

University of Texas at Austin
Elected Tau Beta Pi
BA with Honors in Math, Minors Physics, Engineering
Graduate Hrs Computer Science


U.S. Patents Granted
5621454, 5612729, 5572246, 5436653 and 5504518